How To Identify Pitbull Puppies

Pitbull puppies are one of the most adorable and species that is on great demand among other species. This is because of their robust and energetic physique that makes them ideal for keeping as pets. These dogs are friendly and loyal to the owner and this makes them the favorite breed among many home owners. These Pitbull puppies come in several types but the one that is on high demand id the blue Pitbull. This breed is very adorable to the eyes. Of you don’t have too much knowledge about dogs; this article highlights some distinctive features that can help you identify the Pitbull dogs.

If you are considering buying a Pitbull puppy, you can identify them with their color. You need to know that the puppies have their name due to the color of their fur. The dogs are normally black in color but they have a certain gene that gives their fur a tinge of blue. The trace is so light such that most of the people consider the color to be a husky shade of gray. Its fur is comprised of a blend of white, blue and black. The color forms on the middle of their fur due to their gene and the tips are colorless. They are naturally born like this and you should not fall to a deceptive seller that will tell you the color will become more established with time as the puppy grow. This breed can also be easily identified by the blue color on their nose and eyes.

You can also be able to identify an original Pitbull puppy by examining its body. You will come to note that the breed is not original if the dog tends to be overweight and large. An original Pitbull puppy weights approximately 70 pounds. The dogs are extremely fast and strong even with this weigh. Its body is very masculine and lean even through it appears to be slender.

You can also identify the dogs by watching their behavior and character. Most people believe that these are arrogant and dangerous but this is not the case. The fact is that these dogs are very friendly and they enjoy company and they are less prone to frustrations. They can be easily trained due to their loyalty. If you are looking for a Pitbull puppy and come across one that is extremely aggressive and violent, you should know that that is an individual problem. Read more now.

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